Saturday, December 18, 2010


Telkomsel flash mode settings on the modem ZTE way is as follows:

1. Plug your modem to your PC or laptop wait until the process is complete

2. Once the process is finished click the settings button, on the right table there will be writing configuration NULL

3. Click the Add button located at the bottom of the table configuration and select the ras config

4. In the config name write TELKOM FLASH UNLIMITED

5. On the dial number fill with * 99 #

6. In the APN there are two types of configurations, the first and second automatic manual / use the Following APN Telkomsel address in flash there are two types of APN Telkomsel and provided the Internet you can use both one after another if the connection is dropped.

7. for the username and password do not need to fill after section 6 finished click the save button and select the config name which you created earlier 'TELKOM FLASH UNLIMITED' and then click Apply button.

8. Click the connect button and you're done, you can surf as much by using Telkomsel Flash unlimited.

Hopefully help